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What is Eco Mode, and should I use it?

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What is Eco Mode, and should I use it?

What is Eco Mode, and should I use it?

You might be familiar with the term eco mode, but what does press this button do to your car?

What is Eco Mode?

Selecting Eco Mode in your car will help you save money on gas.
When enabled in most cars, the engine and accelerator pedal become less sensitive to inputs.

As a result, the car accelerates slower than usual when you depress the throttle pedal.
While the engine revs take longer to reach the usual speed, which saves you money on gas.

Should I use Eco Mode? Will it damage my engine?

If you want to save money, switch on Eco Mode.
It has no adverse effects on your engine or transmission.
However, when driving aggressively this setting will not have any gains. Instead, adopt a more gentle driving style.

What else does Eco Mode have to offer?

This setting (in some models) not only slows down your car’s drivetrain response but also decreases air-conditioning output.

As a result, the compressor would have to work less. It reduces the load on the engine, improving fuel consumption in the process.


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