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Stay Safe with Drowsiness Detection System

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Stay Safe with Drowsiness Detection System

What Does It Do?

This technology can detect drowsy driving and remind you to take breaks when needed. The feature keeps note of how often you stray from the center of your lane over a set period.

The Technology Involved

This feature uses sensors similar to those found in lane departure alert systems to track lane markers and your car’s position in the lane. Many drowsiness alert systems track how frequently you leave your road over a short time to determine if you are drowsy. When you are not tired, more advanced versions can “learn” your typical driving habits. If you then start driving abnormally – for example, making quick movements or stops – the system may detect that you are drowsy and that you should take a rest.

What You Should Do

Watch, listen, and feel for signs that you have become tired behind the wheel from your drowsiness alert system.

If the system detects that you are tired, it will display a coffee cup and a message on your dashboard reminding you to take a break from driving.

Some audio alert systems will warn you if you are tired and that you should take a break as soon as it is safe to do so.

In some cars with drowsiness alerts, your seat may vibrate.

Usage Tips

Drowsiness alerts notify you when you are drowsy. If you are aware that you are tired, you should not get behind the wheel in the first place.

Take a break in a safe and secure location. Some cars with drowsiness alert systems may use the built-in GPS to find you nearby rest places.

To avoid getting drowsy on long trips, you should schedule periodic driving breaks every two hours or so. Consider taking turns if you are driving with other licensed drivers.


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