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How To Pick The Right Car Fire Extinguisher (10 easy steps)

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How To Pick The Right Car Fire Extinguisher (10 easy steps)

A car fire extinguisher is a specific device with a precise task which makes it an essential item in every vehicle safety kit. Many of the parts in your vehicle are potential fire dangers, even though it was built with safety in mind.

If you find yourself in a dangerous fire situation, having a fire extinguisher on hand will help you put out the fire and prevent damages. Now that we have briefly covered the importance of a car fire extinguisher, let’s jump straight into the details.

10 Things To Look For

It can be hard to choose the right fire extinguisher to have in your car. Today we highlight the 10 key details to look for when shopping for a fire extinguisher:

1. Type: Dry powder works best in your car as it covers fire types of class A, B, C, & E

2. Weight: Lightweight and under 1 kg works best

3. Shape: It should be compact and practical to use and carry

4. Body: Aluminum, as it is light and corrosion-free

5. Availability: Available for immediate use

6. Service: Can be easily serviced and reloaded by any fire service company

7. Storage: Clip or mount that hooks unto other places in your car for easy storage

8. Trigger: Durable and flexible

9. Warranty: Always pick the best available warranty

10. Certification: Certified and labeled by local fire authorities

Routine Maintenance

Last but not least, maintain your car fire extinguisher in the same way you maintain your home extinguisher. After each use, it should be recharged or replaced. A monthly inspection and an annual service, which usually includes a recharge, are part of routine maintenance.

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