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How To Keep a Safe Following Distance?

Car Care

How To Keep a Safe Following Distance?

Good drivers maintain a safe following distance to see clearly. The more space you leave between your car and the driver ahead of you, the more time you’ll have to see and avoid a hazard down the road!

It will be easier to steer if you have a clear picture of your intended route. Maintain sufficient distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Keep your vision unobstructed. Driving in the middle of the lane gives you a better view of the road.

The majority of rear-end collisions are caused by following too closely. Keeping the following distance of at least three seconds is a solid safety rule.

In some situations, such as, following small and large vehicles, driving through, harsh weather or driving on narrow roads. For your safety and the safety of everyone, you’ll have to increase your following distance.


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