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How to Cross the Road Safely.

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How to Cross the Road Safely.

Pedestrians, although being an essential component of traffic, are a high-risk group on the road. Pedestrians should develop the habit of properly using road infrastructure to be safe from road hazards. That includes zebra crossings and bridges. Shortcuts and quick crossing choices are risky as they can endanger your safety.

These simple acts will keep you safe when crossing the road:

  1. Cross with caution and common sense.
  2. Keep an eye on incoming traffic.
  3. When crossing, always assume the driver did not see you.
  4. Avoid crossing roads where drivers may not see you.
  5. Wait for a suitable gap in the traffic flow before crossing.
  6. Jumping over the fences is never a good idea. You might stumble into the traffic.
  7. Always hold the hands of kids while crossing the road.
  8. Be alert if you have to cross the road on or near a curve.
  9. Avoid crossing the road between parked cars.
  10. You can save time on the road by using the quickest and most direct crossing.

Kids are especially vulnerable to the dangers of the road. Accidents can happen with a combination of factors, including recklessness on the part of kids and a lack of awareness on the part of drivers. Teach your kids to walk on the sidewalk, use zebra crossings and other public transportation. Your kids will follow by example when you do the right thing for your safety on the road.

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