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7 Driving tips for traffic jams

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7 Driving tips for traffic jams

Because getting caught in traffic is unavoidable at times, here are seven traffic-related driving recommendations to help you stay safe in traffic jams:

  1. Avoid speeding and sudden lane changes.
  2. Keep a three-second safe distance between you and the vehicle front of you. As a result of this you will be able to prevent frequent braking and rear-end accidents
  3. Keep a close eye on the traffic ahead. When vehicles in front of you brake, lift your foot off the pedals to gently slow down before braking. Be careful not to hit the brakes too hard.
  4. Be focused. Avoid distractions like eating or using the phone to keep your concentration on the road.
  5. When merging or changing lanes, use your signals. It should be activated at least 30 meters before merging or turning.
  6. Make use of your mirrors to keep an eye on the area around your car.
  7. Use technology responsibly and plan beforehand. Avoid congested routes, check traffic apps on your phone before you start your journey. If you are concerned about hitting heavy traffic on your trip, make it a habit before you leave to plan out an alternate route using your GPS.

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