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6 Expert Tire Tips for a Perfect Road Trip.

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6 Expert Tire Tips for a Perfect Road Trip.

Keeping your car’s tires properly inflated to the manufacturer’s suggested pressures is an essential part of tire maintenance. Tires with the proper amount of air pressure last longer and contribute to vehicle safety.

Underinflated Tires

Low tire pressures reduce braking lengths and provide less responsive steering and handling. This is very risky when an emergency stops, or sudden dodge motion is required to escape a collision.

Also, low pressures allow tire sidewalls to bend excessively, which generates heat. While moderate heat simply accelerates tire tread wear, extreme heat can result in the loss of tread segments or even blowouts.

Overinflated Tires

They are less of a problem in general. Modern tires are designed to resist pressures that are higher than those suggested for regular driving.

However, constantly overinflated tires produce a less responsive ride and suffer faster wear in the core of the tread, requiring replacement sooner than properly inflated tires.


6 Tire Inflation Tips

Automobile makers give tire pressure specs in the owner’s manual. It may differ depending on whether the car is fully loaded or driven for an extended time on the highway. On the other hand, high pressure, in general, enhances load capacity while lowering heat accumulation.

  • Regularly check tire pressures. Once a week is ideal, but no less than once a month, and always before long road trips.
  • Make use of a high-quality pressure gauge. Gauges with dials and digital displays are more accurate.
  • Follow the recommended inflation pressures given by the automaker instead of the pressure marked on the tire.
  • Check the pressures before driving and when the tires are cold and unused.
  • When tires are hot, an increased pressure reading is normal (usually 2 to 6 psi higher).
  • Increase tire pressures if the car manufacturer recommends it for towing, transporting big loads, or long highway trips.


We at TGMO recommend that you always plan for vehicle service by finding an auto repair shop and technician you can trust before you need them.


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