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5 Things Not to Leave in Your Car During Summer

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5 Things Not to Leave in Your Car During Summer

The sun is shining a little brighter now. And, of course, high temperatures can cause hazards that could damage your car.

Today, though, we’d like to focus on the everyday things you keep in your car as it sits in the summer heat.

You could harm your things, your car, or even a loved one depending on what you left inside. With that in mind, never leave any of the following five things in your car during the summer:

Your Family & Pets

Remember not to leave your children, pets, grandparents, or other vulnerable people in your car; a heat stroke could endanger their lives.

Electronics With Batteries

Do not leave power banks or other lithium-ion-powered equipment inside your vehicle. There is a reason these are not allowed in checked baggage on planes. High temperatures can harm electronics, and in some cases, they can even combust.


Keep in mind that food spoils more quickly in warmer temperatures. You will also have to deal with the foul odor and potential mess that comes with leaving food in a hot car.

Plastic Bottles

Leaving plastic bottles in your car will not only cause them to bend or melt, but it may also allow dangerous chemicals to leak into the liquid.


A lighter would have to be under a very high temperature to explode. Nonetheless, there have been multiple stories of lighters bursting inside cars, so we believe it is better to be safe than sorry.

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