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4 Tips for Driving on A Spare Tire

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4 Tips for Driving on A Spare Tire

That spare tire in your trunk can get you back on the road if you have a flat or a blowout. Driving limits do not apply to full-size spares, but if your spare is one of those small temporary spares known as donut tires, you must take special precautions and change your driving style. When driving on a spare tire, keep the following points in mind.

Limit Your Speed

Remember to drive slowly while driving on the odd-sized tire after installing your temporary spare, which should be at 60 psi. An 80 km speed restriction is frequently recommended by tire manufacturers. Stay in the right lane if you’re traveling on a highway with a spare tire to let other drivers pass. While driving an impaired vehicle, you are allowed to turn the hazard lights to warn others.


Restrict Your Distance

Limit your driving range on a small temporary tire to 80 km, or the distance specified in your owner’s manual, in addition to your speed. Under some conditions, small spare tires make the differential work harder and can cause failure.


Be Aware Of The Impact

The tire sensor may detect the difference soon after you install the spare. It will illuminate your instrument panel with brake and ABS (anti-lock braking system) warning lights. This occurs because the sensors identify a problem when your compact spare rotates quicker than the other tires to catch up.


Handle With Caution

Because the ABS system has been affected, as well as traction control, you must now drive with extra caution. Turn off your cruise control and prepare for extended stopping distances, just like you would on snowy or icy roads. Curves should be approached with considerable caution.

Changing a spare tire can be a pain, but with a jack that uses a quick-lifting hydraulic system, the task will be safer and less frustrating. Remember to inspect the pares for damage once you’ve arrived at your destination. It is preferable to replace rather than repair temporary compact spares.

















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