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How To Protect and Maintain Your Windshield


How To Protect and Maintain Your Windshield

How To Protect and Maintain Your Windshield

Automobile glass is designed specifically for cars. It’s built differently so that, in the event of an accident, it won’t shatter like standard glass.
Also, automotive glass is far more durable than other types. That is why, while driving down the highway, you can hear the nick of a stone striking your glass without sustaining a chip or crack. Here are our top tips on how to protect and maintain your windshield.

Driving Habits

The best driving practice is to give yourself ample distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you. Stones, bits, and debris are thrown back all the time from the car in front of you, striking your windshield or window. This tip isn’t just to protect your windshield but also you as a driver. By staying back, a safe distance, you give yourself more reaction time.

Temperature Changes

The glass in your vehicle will expand and compress as the temperature changes. Excessive heat will degrade your windshield over time. Window shades do little to protect the glass from the sun’s rays.

Repair Chips and Cracks Right Away

Untreated window chips will slowly expand and become larger cracks. Small chips can be mended easily, but if you let them sit and expand, you’ll eventually need to replace the entire windshield.

Replace Your Wipers

When your windshield wipers can’t remove all the water from the glass, it’s time to replace them. Poor wiper blades will not harm the glass on their own, but when combined with other problem areas, they will reduce the strength of the glass and make it more prone to cracks and chips.

Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals can harm your glass and remove the protective coating on it. Instead, always use approved cleaning products, or you can create your own cleaning solutions, use a 1-part vinegar and 1 part water mixture (just make sure to fully rinse it off when done).

Nano Protection

This solution molecularly bonds the glass surface together. Nano protection repels rain, so it doesn’t stick to the glass. The product is washed into the glass, similar to how you might wax your car.

It is not difficult to keep your windshield in perfect shape. Much of the care is controlled by where you park your car. However, by using these many tips, you will protect your windshield, save the expense of any repairs, and extend the life of your current windshield

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